the stunning sequel to the record breaking, award winning, all-time highest grossing movie of all time that was never made. - t.j.
    a documentary following the actors from "Our Gang." - c.u.
    a group of misfit youths play together on a baseball team, where they learn to win. - c.n.
    an in-deapth documentary covering the American Civil War and reconstruction eras. - j.w.
    boys film about oversexed tourists at a golf resort. - a.i.
    the king of Thebes must battle the truth about his past wife, his wife and his country's famine. - e.w.
    a ragtag group of new recruits learn the true meaning of courage as they band together to fight the evil empire. - c.u.
    two stupid guys start a summer camp for sex-crazed teenagers. - k.s.
    hijinx abound when a fed-ex executive befriends a volleyball while stranded in the south pacific. - e.w.
    two fallen angels discover Dianetics and form a Christian Scientist franchise. - a.i.