Night of the Big Heat
    During finals, students will find anything to do for distraction...things go awry as they experiment with the microwave. - c.u.
    Feng shui spandex bandits battle the evil cucumber. - a.i.
    Creatures from outer space heat up a small Scottish island to make themselves more comfortable. j.w.
    Chewbacca goes on a rampage when he gets a wiff of a female wookie who's ready to rock. - i.d.
    A group of teenagers is suddenly set on by a wild group of motorcycle riding grandmothers going through massive hot flashes. - c.n.
    The lesser known and uncritically acclaimed erotic episode of Lassie and one wild night of animal passion. - e.w.
    Christmas in a small New England town is ruined due to a serious weather change. - n.n.